bardot dress inspiration

If you want to dress like Brigitte Bardot, you need to try out a Bardot dress. As expected, this famous dress style was inspired by the renowned actress, model, singer and activist Brigitte Bardot, who enchanted audiences around the world by gracefully revealing her shoulders and collar bone with this design.

This style became a fashion staple for the French icon and is now globally regarded as the Brigitte Bardot dress, or Bardot dress for short. You can find variations of the name – such as Bardot skater dress, Bardot cape dress and even Brigitte Bardot wedding dress – but all the labels point to the same glamourous, off-shoulder cut that glows with elegance.

Boho Brigitte Bardot dresses are perfect for the festivals you want to attend this Summer, so learn more about how you can rock a Bardot midi dress or a Bardot maxi dress like a genuine trendsetter.

1. Choose Your Bardot Dress Jewellery Wisely

While numerous dress styles can be quite restrictive with appropriate accessories, Brigitte Bardot style dresses can be adorned in two main ways: with plenty of accessories or very minimal jewellery.

The beauty of a piece like a short sleeve or long sleeve Bardot dress is that it can be worn with no necklaces at all and still look amazing. It is actually encouraged to try this minimalistic approach, as to enhance the refinement of the collar bone and shoulders.

On the other hand, a Bridget Bardot dress can be equally worn with an abundance of jewellery, when chosen with care. To highlight the boho chic edge of Bardot neckline dresses, you can pile on multiple necklaces of different lengths and even add a few bracelets to your wrists.

We recommend this Bardot dress styling option if yours is pattern-free, in a solid colour, like the Bardot white dress in the collage above.

2. When in Rome... Get Inspired by Their Sandals

brown roman sandles

Roman sandals are a favourite among the fashion-savvy when summer comes around.

Not only do they look gorgeous with mini or knee-length dresses (like a Bardot red lace dress – hint, hint), but they are also extremely practical. When it’s sweltering hot outside, you’re not going to be up for thick footwear.

In this case, you can opt for Bardot maxi dresses with knee-high roman sandals to be fabulously boho chic.

As far as colours are concerned, you don’t need to worry.

Roman sandals work marvellously with any shade, so you can choose a black Bardot dress, a red Bardot dress, a Bardot orange dress and virtually any other tone your heart desires.

If you want to go for bold prints on your Bardot dress with Roman sandals, we suggest minimal accessories to enhance your outfit and footwear.

brown roman sandles

3. Bardot Dresses & Hats – The Perfect Match

As far as accessories for Bardot girls dresses are concerned, the icing on the cake is definitely a wide-brimmed hat.

Aside from a tasteful shoulder bag and sandals or boots, a large sun hat is the perfect addition to your Bardot black dress, as you can see in the image above.

This accessory is definitely an essential for any well-planned boho chic outfit, as it accentuates the other pieces you are wearing.

You can feel free to play around with the colours or even go for an all-black, all-white or even all-red look for a Bardot red dress.

Moreover, you can also mix and match various earth tones for a natural look.

Also, your options are not limited only to wide hats. You can try out floppy felt hats, a Panama hat or even a fedora.

One of the best parts about the dresses Bardot inspired is that they are defined by carefree style, so you don’t have to worry that much about clashing.

4. Consider a White Bardot Dress

white bardot dress

When you think about a white Bardot dress, your first thought may be a Bardot wedding dress.

However, white dresses in this style don’t point only to a Bridget Bardot wedding dress option.

In fact, white is actually the most popular colour for this cut, regardless if it is a Bardot pencil dress or an XXL Bardot dress design.

You can find white Bardot dresses online for some incredible prices that won’t destroy your festival trip budget.

You can mix and match white Bardot junior dresses as you please, either going for a simplified look with no accessories or using lots of them to accentuate your boho side.

Of course, it’s also highly sought-after for summer outfits to contrast with sun-kissed skin.

white bardot dress

5. Explore Extremes: Sky-high Sandals or Boots

high heel sandles

Accessories aren’t the only generous options you have for spicing up your Bardot dress. Another unrestrictive aspect is your choice of footwear. What’s wonderful about Bardot dresses UK fashionistas can explore is that they can be worn just as well with or without heels.

If you want to increase your height and sophistication, you can pair your Bardot dress with some spectacular sky-high sandals in the same colour or a contrasting shade.

If you don’t want swollen feet at the end of a busy day or an all-night party, you can go for flats, Roman sandals and even rugged boots. Actually, boots are frequently worn more than heels when it comes to Bardot dress outfits with a boho approach.

In the end, it all really comes down to the occasion you are planning to attend as boho Bardot. For instance, if you’re planning to attend an outdoors wedding or a similar semi-formal event, you can easily pair your Bardot dress with high heels.

However, if a festival is coming up, we strongly recommend that you leave your heels at home and choose the most comfortable pair of leather boots you have.

This practical approach is also super stylish, so you don’t have to be concerned about your tastefulness wearing off.

6. Leather Is Your Best Friend

Okay – let’s say that you have taken advantage of a Bardot dress sale and you are ready to start accessorising.

Where should you start? Well, one element you can never go wrong with for a Bardot dress is leather.

No matter if you choose leather footwear, a leather bag, a suede hat, leather accessories or even all of them at the same time, you will be radiant.

Another awesome part about leather and a boho Bardot dress is that you are not limited to one colour or type of leather.

Quite the contrary – you can play around as much as you want with various options to make your attire even more interesting

Of course, you can also opt for the same tone with your leather accessories, but you shouldn’t see this as a definitive guideline when choosing your pieces.

If you really want to bring out the bohemian vibe in your outfit, we encourage you to explore as many leather options as you would like.

Get creative and have fun with it!

vintage bardot dress

7. Embroidery is Excellent

embroidered bardot dress

Intricate embroidery has always been a trait of bohemian style.

Choosing a Bardot dress in a solid colour with contrasting embroidery can make your outfit even more fabulous than before.

You can go for an abstract decorative style or even specific shapes like flowers.

Black and white is always an excellent option for an embroidered Bardot dress, but you can experiment with all sorts of colours and stitches.

If you do decide to wear a Bardot dress with complex embroidery, you can even go accessory-free to accentuate the patterns on your dress.

A shoulder bag would be fine, but bracelets and necklaces will make you overdo it a bit, unfortunately.

But look on the bright side, you have fewer worries on your outfit checklist and you can focus on finding the perfect embroidery for your Bardot dress.

P.S. If you’re a Bardot dress UK shopper, you should definitely check out this beauty.

8. Updo or Side-swept Hairstyles

boho bardot dress

You should never neglect your hairstyle after winning over a Bardot dresses sale.

Sure, you may have found the Bardot dress of your dreams, but your choice of hairstyling is just as significant as any other accessories for your outfit.

As far as Bardot dresses are in discussion, there are two main styles that girls around the world love: a messy-yet-carefully-styled updo or nonchalantly side-swept hair.

If you want to enhance the beauty of your shoulders, you should certainly consider pulling up your hair in a rebellious bun or even half-up, half down.

pink bardot dress

9. Discover Bardot Neck Dress Flower Power

Bohemian souls and hippie gals all know that floral prints are a must for exploring this style.

Flower power is a delightful choice for all the reasons you could imagine. Not only is it pretty without being too girly, but it is also a gorgeous pattern option for spring or summer outfits.

If you want to wear your Bardot dress to a festival, floral prints are, without a doubt, a picture-perfect choice.

If you want a floral pattern Bardot dress, we recommend that you choose a full print design, like the one in the picture above.

Just like in the case of embroidered Bardot dresses, you can cut accessories off your list, as they look amazing without them.

If you want to take your floral Bardot dress to a whole new level, add natural flowers to your outfit.

You can sprinkle them through your hair, add them to your favourite style of braids or even make your very own flower crown to be the ultimate boho princess.

floral bardot dress

10. Say Yes to Long Shoulder Bags

bardot fashion

You have probably picked up on the idea that shoulder bags are highly suitable for Bardot dresses, as we have left quite the trail of hints throughout our article.

If you do some extensive online research on Bardot dress styling, you will quickly notice that leather shoulder bags are everywhere.

The runner up option is a clutch, but shoulder bags really contribute to an authentic boho chic approach.

Even if you decide to get a leather cross body bag for your boho Bardot dress, we recommend casually wearing it over one shoulder so your dress can still shine. You can choose long or short shoulder bags alike, but those that reach the top part of your thighs really look the best.

The leather shoulder bag you choose can be really simple if you want to highlight your dress, but fringe bags also look marvellous. In most cases, you will actually see fringe bags more often than simple bags for boho chic outfits.

11. Enhance Your Waistline with a Belt

As with quite a few other dress styles, a Bardot dress can be enhanced with a leather belt. When strategically placed, a belt can promote an hourglass figure or simply accentuate your natural curves.

If you are not a curvy girl by nature, a leather waist belt can help you work on this aspect without putting in loads of effort.

This is also a nice alternative for girls who don’t want their Bardot dress to hang loosely on their body. Even though we are all for extra-large Bardot dresses, sometimes they don’t flatter all personalities, body types or preferences.

As for types of leather belts for boho chic Bardot dresses – we encourage you to choose a super thin piece or one with a medium width.

Extremely wide belts don’t fall under the boho chic category that much and, frankly, they don’t look nearly as lovely.

Nevertheless, always make sure to choose accessories that you are comfortable with and that you feel the best in.

long floral bardot dress

12. Experiment with Vintage Patterns & Prints

aztec bardot dress

Floral prints aren’t the only bold patterns you can choose from when shopping for the boho chic Bardot dress of your dreams. You can go above and beyond by studying your favourite vintage patterns or any other full-print designs that you feel would complement your tastes and personality.

Another cool aspect about Bardot dresses with a boho touch is that they are equally stylish simple or with full patterns. The secret to nailing a complex pattern on a Bardot dress is to lay low on the jewellery and analyse your contrasts.

For example, if your Bardot dress is navy blue with red and brown patterns (like in the photo above), you can complete the look with beige footwear and a clutch or shoulder bag. Necklaces aren’t necessary and would honestly clutter your outfit.

To make sure that your outfit is an accurate representation of your own style, you should take some time to do research on patterns and see which one is the perfect fit for you. Remember – boho chic is defined by freedom of style, so let your imagination go wild!

aztec bardot dress

13. Extra Large & Extra Comfortable Bardot Dress

red bardot dress

As women, we all get fed up with skin-tight dresses at one point or another. We love showing off our curves and all, but it would be nice to breathe freely every once in a while.

For this, we want to introduce you to the extra-large, extra-comfy Bardot dress that you will fall head over heels in love with.

It looks fabulous and it also complements basically any body type. Say goodbye to worrying about sweating or accidentally accentuating parts you don’t want to – an extra-large Bardot dress can solve all of your problems.

Your XXL Bardot dress can be super short, knee-length or even ankle-length – they will all look stunning on you.

As for accessories, you can go with whatever you are most comfortable with. As a general rule, we recommend that you keep full-print dresses simple, without any accessories, as we have already revealed above.

If your Bardot dress is in a solid colour like black, you can choose necklaces or bracelets to bring out its beauty.

14. Step up Your Elegance Game

elegant bardot dress

Now, we know that boho chic and full-out elegance usually don’t go hand in hand, but you can always bring out your feminine side with a fancy piece.

As an example, a red hot Bardot dress can be both refined and carefree at the same time, depending on how you wear it.

What’s awesome about this Bardot dress style is that it can be worn on any occasion. If you have a fancy event you need to attend, just match it with some high-heeled sandals and add an elegant bracelet or necklace.

For the opposite, grab your favourite pair of comfortable boots, a trendy shoulder bag and a flappy felt hat and your outfit of the day is ready to go.

In the end, elegance is really about the way you carry yourself and how you want your outfit to come across.

A detail as simple as sweeping your hair up into a lovely bun can make the whole difference for the outcome.

Even if you aren’t the type to usually go ultra-girly or feminine with your outfits, a sophisticated Bardot dress might be a nice new experience for you.

15. Seek Inspiration from Brigitte Bardot Herself

brigitte bardot

Last but certainly not least, what better way to master the Bardot dress style than by looking for inspiration from the fashion icon who made the design world-famous?

Brigitte Bardot is definitely a superstar you should study for style purposes, so you can dive deep into photo archives and analyse the dresses that made this style renowned in the first place. The Bardot dress itself definitely won’t go out of style anytime soon, so you can count on the beautiful Brigitte Bardot for getting all the inspiration you need.

When researching her style, you can start from her beginnings in the entertainment industry and continue exploring even up to her later outfits. You will see how simplicity can be your key to style success and how you can walk in the footsteps of one of the most influential stars in the biz.

To wrap everything up, there is one golden rule that you should always keep in mind when selecting, mixing and matching your own Bardot dress – be authentic, be creative and embrace your personal style.

As we previously mentioned, boho chic is all about your genuine imprint and feeling like a flower power princess while being stylish and comfortable, so you should never feel upsettingly restricted when choosing the elements for your #ootd.

Have fun and go for form-flattering Bardot dresses that will give you a taste of your own stardom from natural feminine beauty.

The last accessory you should never forget before leaving the house in your beautiful Bardot dress is... your smile. Be confident, free and embrace every inch of your beauty.