New Years Resolutions? Do we ever really stick to them? Why do we just give false hope to ourselves. This year why not just be you! You have got this girl - New Year Same You is the best 2019 motto. Lets set goals and targets which suit us and which are realistic. 


Self Love

Who cares what anyone else thinks of you - you need to learn to love yourself first before anyone can possibly love you. We are our own worst enemy at times. 2019 lets make a change - be more positive, have you time, chill with friends, drink more & enjoy life - You only get one shot!

Nourish your body

The festive season has come to an end it is time to look after number one. Some of us might of over indulged this season.. SO WHAT? It was Christmas ha! It all depends on what you do now. Get your smelly gift sets out, run yourself a nice bath and chill with a bottle of fizz and music. Go for a walk, run or gym whatever suits you! Just remember to always just do you girl. 

Enjoy Life 

2019 is the year to YOLO - do holidays, go on nights out, stay in fancy spa hotels, gossip all night with the girls and defo go crazy at the hottest festivals this summer!! There is no better time than the present. Your goal this year is to look back and have no regrets or no 'I wish I would of done'. Where only put on this planet for one reason & that is to live. Lets have ya 2019.

Beth Hornblower - 03.01.19