One Minute With The Model

One minute chat with our Queen of Ecom - Lillie. Lil works with us on a weekly basis and she is defo our bad ass brunette. We have pulled together some questions for our girl to answer just for you guys. 


What is your name?

Lillie Grace Prescott

What is your instagram?


3 words to describe your style?

Simple, Classic & Comfy

Who is your Celebrity crush?

Ryan Renolds- He is Hot and has a cracking sense of humour

What is your Spirit animal?

A sloth. Haha

Do you have any pets?

A pet bulldog called wellington, he is possibly the cutest thing you have ever see in your life


How long have you been modelling for? Any advice for girls trying to get into this industry?

I have been modelling for about a year now and my advice would be to just keep going as the industry is very competitive but the best industry to get into and the girls and people you meet along the way are amazing and so supportive so just keep going

Best advice you have been given?

Be yourself, be confident and love who you are

What do you always carry in your handbag?

Lipbalm and a phone charger, what more do you need? Haha.

Whats your staple fashion go to?

A black blazer, I have had one for 3 years you can still wear it, you can dress it up or casual. I always reach for it in my wardrobe

Whats your go to outfit when you are in a rush?

Gym leggings, trainers, hoody and a black jacket

Beauty must haves?

Lip balm, always have it on me – apply morning, noon and night – keep them lips moisturised

Whats your fave rebellious outfit?

Acadia teddy coat, I love it, I wear it nearly every day and I actually have it on today.