Every week we can’t wait for our three favourite days to come around: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We get off school or work and take some time for ourselves to relax and have fun.

But you know what truly makes weekends memorable? Parties, of course!

We can barely wait to have the chance to get all dressed up and showcase our styles with our best friends while dancing until daybreak. On the other hand, we all know how overwhelming the prep process can be: what should we wear? How should we wear it? How can we avoid be overdressed? Underdressed? The list goes on forever… but what we can admit is that glitter is always an ideal option for party wear. When properly mixed and matched with other pieces, glitter glam apparel can make one shine and be the life of the party.

This Ultimate Guide to Party Wear: 25 Items That Rock Glitter will inform you about all the glamourous glitter pieces you can rock at your next party and dazzle like a super star while doing so. Go through all of the recommendations below for a spectacular appearance at the next party you plan on going to.

Tips for Rocking Glitter Party Wear


Any girly girl has at least a hidden passion for glitter, sequins or anything else that sparkles. A well-thought out glitter fashion item can be the pièce de résistance for your entire outfit, as long as you take a few basic rules into consideration. Before we get started with our list of glitter fabric items for party attire, here are a few guidelines about how to wear them:

  • Don’t overdo it; if you want to glam up your outfit, try to choose one or two glitter fashion items and keep the rest in neutral tones, such as black, white, or the solid colour version of your choice of glitter shades.
  • Wear a glitter fashion item on the area of your body that you want to accentuate; if you feel uncomfortable about a certain body part, avoid wrapping it in glitter. Likewise, if you want to put emphasis on one of your physical features, use glitter to accentuate it. A glitter fashion item will bring attention to that area, so think your choices wisely.
  • Avoid deep necklines if your glitter fashion item is used as a top; if the piece is covered in glitter it will already look sparkling and fabulous – keep it classy by using simple cuts.
  • If you don’t want to wear clothes that shimmer with glitter, opt for dazzling accessories. You don’t have to wear a glitter top or bottom to get a glamorous look, you can always use a well-studied accessory (check out the examples we gave in the last section of our guide).

Glitter Glam Garment Must-Haves for Parties


1. Tank Top

One of the most popular shiny fashion items that you can wear at a party is the glitter tank top. You can choose a gold, silver, pink or black glitter or sequin tank top and wear it with a pair of black, beige or white trousers for a chic, balanced and sophisticated look. If you do decide to go with a glitter tank for your next party, we recommend that you keep your accessories game to a minimum; if you feel the need to have your neckline enhanced, you can look for a glitter top that has a necklace design incorporated, like in the image we have included in our guide.

​You can balance out the look even more by draping a blazer casually over your shoulders, the same colour as your trousers. If you choose to slightly tuck your glitter tank in your trousers, we recommend that you use a thin belt in a neutral shade, such as grey or beige.

2. Evening Gown

Some parties call for more formal wear than others, such as a banquet or a New Year’s celebration. For this, the glitter evening gown imposes a stunning appearance that will attract the gazes of all guests in the room. You don’t need to worry about jewellery or any other accessories – a glimmering evening gown does not require any other details than its grand presence alone. Some of the most popular choices for tasteful glitter evening gowns are black, white, silver or gold. You can also experiment with other colours, but these examples will guarantee a refined look, without seeming tacky.

​Those who choose to wear a glitter evening gown to their next fancy event should choose a pair of simple high heels, in the solid colour alternative of their evening gown or a complimentary one. For example, if you choose a black glitter gown like the one in our image, you should go for a pair of leather, matte black stilettos and a black clutch or silver variations of these accessories.

3. Blouse

For something a bit less revealing than a tank top, the glitter blouse is the way to go. A tasteful blouse with glitter accents can work wonders for any outfit, giving it that sugar, spice and everything nice to make it memorable. Any colour can be worn, as long as it’s evened out with the rest of the outfit in a stylish manner. Gold, silver or black are some of the most praised choices, but all other alternatives work just as well. Even a full glitter blouse can look amazing for party wear, but you should respect the same rule of neutralizing to avoid cluttering.

When wearing a glitter blouse one should avoid heavy accessories; at the most, a pair of small studded earrings can complement the choice of top well. Complete the look with a small, matching clutch and you can party all night like a rock star.

4. Collared Shirt

When it comes to dress shirts and glitter, the best way to go is with a glittered collar. You can either purchase a blouse that has a sparkling collar incorporated, or you can separately choose a dazzling collar to apply over a simple white or black blouse. It is recommended that you go for a glittered collar instead of a full glitter dress shirt, as it will highlight that particular area of your body without going over the top. A shimmering collar can be matched with statement earrings, as long as they don’t also contain glitter.

For shirts with glitter collars, trousers or shorts in earth tones or monochrome are the best matching pieces. The whole look will give off an air of sophistication and chicness, without slipping into tacky wear. This is a fine choice for upper-class parties that require attire towards the formal side.

5. Trousers

If Queen Bey can rock a pair of glitter trousers, then so can anyone else. The key to wearing sparkling trousers like a boss is to even out the rest of the outfit. For example, Beyoncé chooses to wear gold shimmering trousers with a simple, loose-fitting white shirt and black blazer and with narrow hoop earrings. No other accessories are involved, just a pair of matching heels with pointed toes. This is an excellent way to take a men-inspired piece like a pair of trousers and transform it into an ultra-feminine and glamorous fashion item.

Glitter trousers are suitable for almost any fancy occasion when matched accordingly. Make sure to not over-accessorize or choose flashy tops. Enhancing a glitter piece like trousers works best with other solid colours, preferably with no additional prints or patterns.

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6. Bomber Jacket

A small detail like a glitter bomber jacket can go a long way for an otherwise plain outfit. If the party has a laid back, fresh and modern theme for the young, wild and free, a black and white crop top, pair of black shorts and a black and silver glitter bomber jacket can all look awesome when put together with style. The outfit can be completed with a pair of silver stilettos to maintain the glam level, as well as one or two thin bracelets on one wrist. No earrings or necklace are required and are actually not encouraged.

A glitter bomber jacket can also be used to complement a solid, simple-cut dress. For instance, a classic little black dress can be amped up with a gold or silver glitter bomber jacket and a pair of matching high heels.

7. Shorts

A party during the summer is the perfect way to showcase a fabulous pair of glitter shorts. Depending on the desired style, glitter shorts can be directed into chic and feminine or into edgy and rock-inspired. For the girly version, one can wear a pair of glitter shorts with a loose, white cotton blouse or even a large button-up shirt tucked in the front. As an alternative, the dress shirt can also be semi-transparent with a bralette or even a regular bra underneath. To make a statement, glitter shorts can be matched with a graphic t-shirt and a pair of sky-high heels to boost the idea even more.

Some of the best sequin or glitter shorts have a tall waist-line, so this aspect should be taken into consideration when shopping for a fashion item like this.

8. Hoodie

A great way to mix sporty or casual pieces with glamour is with a glitter hoodie. A slim-fit hoodie with a zipper all covered in glitter or sequins can make an outfit stand out entirely. It can be casually worn with a pair of black shirts and reinforced with a pair of pointed stilettos in the same colour as the hoodie (i.e. the hoodie in our image can be matched with silver high heels for the best impact). No pieces of jewellery are needed, at most just a thin silver or gold bracelet on one wrist (depending on the colour of glitter chosen).

Another alternative for a traditional zip hoodie is a full glitter hoodie in an extra-large size, worn as a dress. A fashion piece like this can be worn with a pair of very high heels and with no additional accessories for a stylish appearance.

9. Corset

Glitter corsets are always a marvellous choice for a simple black skirt or shorts. Any design, print or pattern can be chosen, as long as the rest of the outfit is in solid colours. Even though the first temptation might be to cover all the empty remaining skin on the chest with jewellery, necklaces should be avoided as to not clutter the look up. If accessories are desired, they can be under the form of small earrings or thin / narrow ones.

Another fantastic way to wear glitter corsets is with tulle skirts. A highly feminine and girly fashion item, the tulle skirt can be chosen in the solid colour alternative of the corset and completed with a pair of stilettos in a calm, earthy shade.

10. Skirt

Every glam girl should have at least one glitter skirt in her closet. This particular fashion item is one of the most popular glitter pieces among girls and young women, as it can be easily matched and worn in various situations. As far as parties are concerned, a glitter skirt is one of the chicest options available. A sparkling mini skirt can be worn with any type of top in a plain colour, such as tanks, blouses or shirts. It is recommended that the top worn with a glitter skirt is a bit loose-fitting and slipped in the front side of the skirt for a stylish impact.

Just like glitter shorts, a dazzling skirt can be paired with super tall stilettos to accentuate the concept of the outfit. Add a tasteful clutch at the end and the outfit is picture perfect.

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11. Blazer

For those who love to choose all black everything for their outfits, a glitter blazer can be the best addition to spice everything up. Regardless if the base pieces are a little black dress, black blouse and trousers or black tank top and leggings, a gold glitter blazer, for example, can transform a day outfit into night attire instantly. Glitter blazers look the best when left unbuttoned in the front and if the sleeves are effortlessly lifted to around elbow level. Straight shoulder lines on the blazer will make it look even more stylish. The glitter blazer you choose can either resemble a business jacket or be made from a softer fabric that flows down the back and arms, whichever style will work fine for parties.

A glitter blazer is the icing on the cake for a simple outfit that needs some glamming up in no time.

12. Bodysuit

When rocked with a skirt, trousers or shorts, a glitter bodysuit can look as splendid as a glitter corset for a party outfit. The advantage that a bodysuit has over other kinds of tops is that it won’t slip out of your choice of bottom wear throughout the night. This makes a glitter bodysuit not only a fabulous top option for a party, but also a super useful fashion item that will let you dance the night away carefree. Like most other glitter fashion tops, a sparkling body suit does not need any other jewels or accessories to shine. What is recommended, though, is that you choose a bottom piece with a high waist line to define your forms with the help of the bodysuit.

A glitter bodysuit looks fantastic with high heeled shoes, so choose your favourite pair of stilettos – but make sure they are comfortable – and enjoy your evening dancing with style.

13. Leggings

Let’s say that you don’t want to reveal your legs too much at your next party, but you still want to look gorgeous. One of the most amazing ways you can do so is simply by wearing a pair of glitter leggings. This glitter fashion item for party wear is the tighter alternative to glitter trousers and can be worn with baggy or loose tops without looking messy from head to toe. Gold glitter leggings matched with a black blouse and blazer and with a pair of black high heels create the ideal outfit to wear for parties. As an alternative, you can balance out the flashiness with a white top and gold heels, just make sure that you don’t wear any other accessories besides a clutch and perhaps a pair of subtle earrings or a bracelet.

Glitter fashion items like leggings are delightful for colder seasons when you need to cover up a bit more than usual, so consider this for autumn, winter or early spring parties in your agenda.

14. One Shoulder Shirt

Nothing is more sexy and mysterious than a stylish large blouse that drapes over one side of your body, leaving your remaining shoulder bare. A loose one shoulder shirt covered in glitter or sequins is a widely embraced choice for party wear, as it is a comfortable and tasteful piece all at the same time. Depending on the season, you can pair a glitter one shoulder shirt with leggings, trousers, shorts or a skirt, as long as they are in a calmer colour without any patterns.

An extra-large glitter one shoulder shirt can also be used as a summer dress for parties, so consider getting one in two or three sizes larger than your regular one to transform it as a different glitter fashion piece.

15. Bralette

Also known as the bandeau top, the bralette is a shorter version of the crop top that is a mix between a bra and a corset. This specific glitter fashion item is a wonderful choice for summer parties, as it can be worn without any additional jackets over it. If the event is somewhat semi-formal, a glitter bralette can always be worn with a denim jacket, leather jacket or a loose blazer over. Bralettes look the best when matched with high waist bottom pieces, such as shorts or trousers.

What makes the glitter bralette stand out from other sparkling fashion items is that it can be adorned with denim, while most other choices call for cotton or polyester to complete the look.

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16. Crop Top

All girls, young ladies and women know by now that the crop top is back and booming like never before. This chic fashion item is ideal for showing off well-toned abs and revealing a bit of skin without sliding into indecency. Crop tops can be short or longer, depending on preferences, and come in all sorts of designs, prints and styles. One particular style that has gained mainstream popularity is the glitter crop top, which is highly recommended for special events like parties. The guidelines for glitter crop tops are pretty much the same as for glitter bralettes, just that this piece does not require a blazer or jacket in almost any situation.

A crop top covered in glitter matched with a simple skirt can result in the party outfit of any girl’s dreams.

17. Jersey Dress

Glitter hoodies are not the only glam fashion items that combine sport chic with femininity – the glitter jersey dress is yet another alternative that girls have at hand for sparkling and staying comfortable. Glitter jersey dresses basically reflect the cut and style of an extra-large jersey that is afterwards used as a dress. Regardless if the jersey dress is covered in glitter or sequins, it will certainly make the person wearing it shine throughout the party night.

It is recommended that glitter jersey dresses use a black and white combination – like the image we have provided – to not get out of hand. It can be worn with a pair of boots, high heels or even sneakers, for a street wear-inspired look.

18. Dress

Dazzling dresses are, above all, the most wide spread choice for glitter fashion items for parties. No matter if the party is to celebrate New Year’s or just somebody’s birthday, the glitter dress works anytime and anywhere semi-formal wear is required. Depending on how much you want to glam up your outfit, you can also add a pair of earrings, but try to make them as discrete as possible as to not overcrowd your choice of attire.

Usually glitter dresses are worn short, sometimes even as a mini dress. However, like we mentioned previously, glitter evening gowns are also an excellent option for formal events, such as prom or weddings.

19. T-shirt (Details)

While it is typically not recommended to wear a full glitter or sequin t-shirt, not even to a party, a simple t-shirt with glitter details can change the whole aspect of your outfit. Graphic t-shirts with glitter typography (letters) on them can help you make a statement and a long-lasting impression at any teenage or college party. They can be worn just as well with jeans or denim shorts as they can be with skirts or shorts. The fact that these types of fashion items contact only glitter details allows you to wear them with other accessories, such as statement earrings or necklaces or watches and bracelets, according to your preferences.

To spice up a t-shirt with glitter details you can add a pair of stilettos or platforms to make the outfit more girly.

20. Tights

Let’s say that you want just a discrete addition of glamour to your party outfit. For this, you can always try out a pair of glitter tights to wear with a little black dress, a black skirt or shorts and with a pair of solid black high heels. A subtle addition of glitter like tights lets you play around with all sorts of accessories and other pieces of jewellery that bolder glitter fashion items normally would allow you to. On the other hand, you can also wear discrete glitter tights with sparkling high heels that math the colour of the glitter on your panty hose.

Nevertheless, it is always recommended that less is more, so choosing glitter tights with an all-black outfit is most likely the best option to go for.

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Glitter Glam Accessories & Footwear


21. Pumps

Glitter pumps genuinely have the power to make a girl feel like she’s about to conquer the world. No matter if you choose peep toes, stilettos or platforms, glitter heeled shoes are an exceptional choice of footwear for special parties. For white, black or beige dresses, a pair of glitter pumps can make all the difference and transform good to gorgeous in a matter of seconds. As a general guideline, the taller the glitter pumps are, the better. Just make sure that they also have a tall platform, otherwise your feet will start aching from the beginning of the night.

22. Clutch

For any outfit that seems just too plain and simple to wear at a party, a glitter clutch can be the ultimate accessory of the evening. Glitter clutches should usually be thin, small and as subtle is their shape and size as possible, due to the flashiness of the glitter. However, glitter clutches can be matched with a pair of glitter pumps (as described above) for a simple cut dress in a whole colour (black has the best effect). Glitter clutches can also be accompanied by a thin chain in the colour of the glitter to be worn on your shoulder or across your chest as a purse.

23. Flats

If you cannot imagine spending an entire night in high heels – even if it is a party – you can still make a chic decision for your footwear for the night. Glitter flats are the perfect alternative to glitter pumps or any other shoes with heels and they work fantastically for parties. They can be used to attract attention and dance all night long without getting sore or swollen feet the first few hours into the party. Matched with an equally sparkling clutch, a pair of glitter flats can be a fine option for comfortable and glamorous party footwear.

24. Belt

Sometimes a sassy dress isn’t enough to make a girl feel fabulous at a party. Even the most amazingly tailored little black dress can still look too boring without a special accessory to complete it. For this, a belt covered in glitter can work like a charm. For girls who want to accentuate their waistline, a thin, gold glitter belt with a bow at the middle can do a fine job of over a simple black dress. This glitter fashion item also works for plain-coloured trousers or shorts with belt loops incorporated.

25. Hair Bow

While you can always leave your hair down naturally, a party can be a special occasion in which you can style your locks as beautifully as the rest of your outfit. Even if you plan on wearing other glitter fashion items, a glitter hair bow can always be added to a soft bun tied up high. Nevertheless, a glitter hair bow calls for no other additional jewels to overcrowd the outfit as a whole, so decide if this accessory is suitable for your choice of clothing at the party.

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