What to wear on a first date?!


First dates can be hella stressful girl. We all know the feeling, wanting to look cute but not like we spent the last four hours getting ready even though we totally did. Our guide to first date dressing has covered all bases but most importantly we got outfits that will have you feelin’ yourself for you, not him!

The classic go-for-a-few-drinks date…The go-to first date. Girl this is meant to be chill, the perfect event for jeans and a nice top. 

Boujee dinner…Someone is really trying to impress with a boujee dinner at a fancy restaurant. Maybe it’s time to step up the outfit game and wear a cute dress and heels.

Weekend away…Packing for a weekend away is a lot to ask any girl but a weekend away means it’s getting SERIOUS! We have all the outfits you need for the night out and morning after.

‘Urgh do we have to do an activity’ dates…We love to hate activity dates but they always end up being the most hilarious. Not too serious ice breakers like bowling, mini golf, inflatable parks still require a killer outfit.